Thursday, 12 March 2015

Fwd: The Aviva Community Fund: Will projects in your constituency receive up to £25k in funding?

Dear Mr Jones,

I wanted to be the first to let you know about our new initiative, the Aviva Community Fund, so you have the time to talk to potential entrants in your constituency and they can start planning their application.

The Aviva Community Fund can help not-for-profit organisations secure funding, ranging from £1,000 up to £25,000, for a good cause in their community. From March 24th, applicants will have 1 month to submit their idea online at<>. There will be a media launch on March 24th, so please don't share with your media contacts until then.

The power to make a difference
Your constituents can apply for funding for any project that is for the greater good of the community and makes positive changes to people's lives in one of these four categories:

· Health, disability and wellbeing This could include anything from active living and sports groups, hospice care, or community centres running wellbeing initiatives.

· Supporting the younger generation Projects supporting family life and young people, education programmes, scouts groups, youth sports groups and more.

· Supporting the older generation Projects such as befriending and listening services, dementia charities, projects helping older people get online, and more.

· Community support If the project doesn't fit into the categories above, such as a community development project, environment-focused, animal welfare, or something else entirelDear Mr Jones,y.

Get the community behind you
Once voting starts, it's time to rally your community around any entries. Everyone who registers at gets ten votes which can be cast at any time during the voting phase and allocated in any way. Voters can spread them around or use all ten for one project.

Giving projects the funding they deserve
For requests of up to £1,000, the finalists' submitted projects will receive the funding they want, subject to due diligence. For all other funding levels, finalist entries will be reviewed by our panels of judges to decide which entries are awarded the funding.

I hope that this information is helpful in advance of the full launch, and we look forward to seeing entries from your constituency.


Lauren Peel
Public Policy, Aviva UK<>

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