Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Response from Yvette Cooper to Theresa May’s speech

Response from Yvette Cooper to Theresa May's speech


Colleagues may wish to note the response from Yvette Cooper to Theresa May's speech today. This is copied below and a link here: http://press.labour.org.uk/post/114409967249/response-from-yvette-cooper-to-theresa-mays


"Every day we hear of more British citizens being groomed, radicalised and trying to travel to Syria to join a vile barbaric organisation. Yet Theresa May's strategy has failed to tackle the problem. She has had five years as Home Secretary to do all these things, yet too many of her promises are the opposite of what she has done in Government.


"She says she wants a partnership between government and community to prevent extremism. Yet she cut the community-led Prevent programme from £17 million to £3 million and there has been hardly any work by Government to develop community programmes in four years. Indeed one of her first decisions as Home Secretary was to cut the number of areas included in the Prevent programme from 93 to 23. Five years on she has been forced to backtrack and reverse her decision.


"She says she wants stronger powers but she abolished control orders and relocation powers which made it easier for terrorists to organise and send people to Syria. Once again, five years on, she has been forced to backtrack and reverse her decision.


"And she still hasn't made it compulsory for people returning from Syria to go through the Channel de-radicalisation programme.


"She could have had banning orders, reviewed sharia courts, and insisted preachers speak English five years ago, rather than leaving it until now.


"Everyone other than the extremists agree that we should robustly defend and actively promote the pluralistic values our society rightly holds in esteem. But it isn't enough for the Home Secretary to say it, she needs to act. We need to work in as many communities as possible, throughout the UK, to support civil society and defeat extremism. And we should never tie the hands of our agencies and the police in confronting dangerous, violent extremists. The Government's record is one of making that harder, not easier."