Friday, 22 May 2015

16,200 children affected by freezes to child benefit and child tax credit across Hyndburn

Dear Graham,

The End Child Poverty coalition exists to hold the Government, and all main political parties, to account in relation to their commitment to eradicate child poverty by 2020. With just five years to go until this deadline, it is now more important than ever for the new Government to set out clear policies through which to achieve this goal.
We know that one factor which has a major impact on the number of children living in poverty is the rate at which child benefit and child tax credit are increased each year. That's why End Child Poverty has worked with other organisations to publish "Short changed: the true cost of cuts to children's benefits" on the impact of the decision to increase children's benefits below inflation. We are calling for the Government to ensure that child benefit and child tax credit increase in line with costs of living, and that by 2020 they are given the same protection as the State Pension.

Our new research reveals:

· Across the UK 4.1 million families and 7.7 million children have been affected by below inflation rises of Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit over the past three years including 16200 children in Hyndburn

· Around 341000 children across the North West are living in families that cut back on food and 326000 that cut back on heating their home as a result of benefits being increased below inflation.

· Increasing children's benefits and tax credits in line with the same "triple lock" guarantee as for pensions would lead to an estimated 280,000 fewer children living in relative income poverty and 310,000 fewer in absolute poverty across the UK by 2020, than under the Government's current policy. 

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David Holmes,
End Child Poverty

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