Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Fwd: Invitation to MoneySuperMarket drop-in

Hyndburn motorists have been clobbered by increased crash for cash claims in the BB postcode, particularly taxi drivers.

Moneysupertmarkets findings highlight the unfair insurance practices that further inflate motor insurance policies for Hyndburn residents that's sees almost £2million's taken out of Hyndburn motorists pockets & local economy. The regulator needs to take whatever action is necessary to end any rip off schemes.

Begin forwarded message:
Subject: Invitation to MoneySuperMarket drop-in

Dear Graham Jones MP,

Help drivers in Hyndburn to save £1,822,619

Every year, drivers in Hyndburn are paying £1,822,619 too much for their car insurance because of unfair practices by insurers.

Join MoneySuperMarket at our campaign drop-in event on Wednesday 16 September, as we launch the next stage of our campaign on auto-renewals in the car insurance market. With the Financial Conduct Authority set to report imminently on the issue, we are calling on the regulator to take strong action to help consumers.

Earlier this year MoneySuperMarket published in-depth research which shows that UK drivers are losing £1.3 billion every year as a result of their policies being automatically renewed by insurers, often without their explicit consent. It highlights that older people, those on low incomes and those not on the internet are particularly badly affected.

Yours sincerely,
Peter Plumb
Chief Executive, MoneySuperMarket