Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Supporting EDM 566 calling for food hygiene ratings to be displayed

I have added my name to Early Day Motion 566, which was tabled by my colleague David Crausby, the MP for Bolton North East. The Motion states:

That this House notes the difference in available food hygiene information in different parts of the UK; acknowledges that under UK law food outlets have no compulsion to display their food hygiene information, and customers can often only find this information online; recognises the value of a food hygiene rating system in helping the public to check standards and choose where to eat in or take food away; and calls on the Government to follow the example of the Welsh Assembly and introduce tougher laws that require all food outlets to display a sticker showing their food hygiene rating in a prominent place in entrances to their premises.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

My letter to the Home Secretary about the increasing incidence of FOBT's being used of money laundering.

Backing the £1 solar energy ‘rescue plan’

I met representatives of the devastated solar industry last week to discuss the impact of the governments changes and to promote the £1 plan, as a growing number of voices are calling on the Government to reconsider its plans.  I think it is important that MPs back an emergency rescue plan for British solar [1] being put forward as a solution to the current crisis surrounding proposed 87% cuts to the Feed-in Tariff for solar.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Supporting the campaign to help thousands of older people living in cold park homes

Tens of thousands of older people living in park homes1 (sometimes referred to as static mobile homes) are putting their health at risk as they struggle to keep warm over the winter, due to the high cost of heating this particular form of accommodation, according to research by Age UK.

I have added my support to the Charity’s new campaign for warm park homes at a launch event in Westminster Parliament on Wednesday 21 October. The campaign is calling on the Government to roll out a specific energy efficiency scheme to help park home residents reduce their heating bills and keep warm and well over the winter. This is an issue that has been raised by constituents.

Fwd: Usdaw Press Release: The Prime Minister has reneged on his promise to not change Sunday trading laws

21 October 2015

The Prime Minister has reneged on his promise to not change Sunday trading laws
Shopworkers' trade union leader John Hannett is disappointed that the Prime Minister has today defended a proposal to change Sunday trading rules, after he promised before the election to leave the legislation alone.
Responding to the first question in today's Prime Minister's Question Time, David Cameron confirmed the Government would devolve powers on Sunday trading by amending the Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

There are more disadvantaged children in Britain than in many other advanced economies

Inequality Briefing - Is this email not displaying correctly?
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Briefing 64: There are more disadvantaged children in Britain than in many other advanced economies

A higher proportion of UK children grow up in households with incomes well below the national median, while more young people in the UK are not in education, employment or training

Friday, 9 October 2015

My Free press column in full.

Abraham Lincoln famously wrote in his Gettysburg address that his hope was “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Much has been written about the Labour Party over the years revisiting the question of the Labours purpose and values. Such questions have tended to produce polarised views. Whether the Labour party is about principle or pragmatism, protest or government, left wing or moderate, right or left. Our election defeat, coupled with Jeremy Corbyn's election victory has led to a reinvigorated Labour Party with incredible increases in membership - people wanting to debate these deep fundamental questions. Jeremy's stunning rise, his open agenda and an end to business as usual is a breath of fresh air to the stale politics of Westminster. However, during the summer it became clear to me that my perspective on this differed to Jeremy Corby's; how we take that reinvigoration of politics beyond the Labour Party and into daily life?

The Haslingden Community deserve all the praise they are getting

Just been to see the work being undertaken to re-open Halsingden pool which is getting some notable attention. Especially when the budget is only £25,000 and an army of volunteers.

There's a lot more work required but bringing in everyone who wants to make Haslingden proud including all those through the LoveHaslingden loveHaslingden @lovehaslingden social media accounts is inspiring. It inspired a letter writer last month to ask why Backup was being left out! The Scribbler to comment on how Halsngden was a place of community renaissance.

Why not get involved yourself? Do something satisfying and at the same time help the community and be an inspiration to others. It is fantastic what is being achieved and all credit to all those who have volunteered so far and to @happi for their success.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

October 7 is World cerebral palsy (CP) Day, which aims to raise awareness of cerebral palsy across the globe.

Dear Mr Jones, October 7 is World CP Day, which aims to raise awareness of cerebral palsy across the globe.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Every disabled child matters: Short Breaks in 2015: An uncertain future

I was recently sent a copy of Short Breaks in 2015: An Uncertain Future, which is a new report by the charity Every Disabled Child Matters.

Short breaks give disabled children an opportunity to socialise with other young people, new experiences and an opportunity to grow in confidence. These breaks also give parents and families a break from the pressures of care, and as a result means fewer parent carers reach ‘breaking point’.