Friday, 9 October 2015

The Haslingden Community deserve all the praise they are getting

Just been to see the work being undertaken to re-open Halsingden pool which is getting some notable attention. Especially when the budget is only £25,000 and an army of volunteers.

There's a lot more work required but bringing in everyone who wants to make Haslingden proud including all those through the LoveHaslingden loveHaslingden @lovehaslingden social media accounts is inspiring. It inspired a letter writer last month to ask why Backup was being left out! The Scribbler to comment on how Halsngden was a place of community renaissance.

Why not get involved yourself? Do something satisfying and at the same time help the community and be an inspiration to others. It is fantastic what is being achieved and all credit to all those who have volunteered so far and to @happi for their success.