Saturday, 7 November 2015

Fwd: Winter in Lancashire

Dear Mr Jones, I'm writing to let you know about how Lancashire County Council is preparing for the winter ahead.

Please find attached a briefing note which explains how we have prepared, what the public can do to prepare for winter, advice on keeping warm and well, and looking out for elderly and vulnerable people during the winter.

We work hard to keep traffic moving on our main roads and to minimise delays and accidents caused by ice or snow throughout the winter. We have stockpiled over 30,000 tonnes of salt and deploy 49 gritters from nine operational depots across the county. Ideally, we would grit every road in Lancashire, but in reality this is just not possible. Instead we identify priority roads and footpaths for gritting and snow clearing to keep the county moving.

As usual, we are working closely with our partners, businesses and local organisations to deliver a consistent message to the public about what they can do to prepare for winter and how we have prepared.

The government has also issued advice for clearing snow and ice, which explains that there is no law stopping you from clearing public spaces, as long as you do it safely.

Keeping you updated
For more information and advice I have attached a copy of our winter leaflet. If possible could you please include the leaflet on your website. If you would like paper copies of the leaflet please let me know.

If we experience long spells of cold weather, we will issue regular winter bulletins.

You can find out more about the winter service and which roads are on our priority gritting routes by visiting:
You can follow winter messages on our social media channels at:

Please let me know if there is anyone else within your organisation who would like to be added to the list for future winter updates.

Many thanks,

Anne Woods
(Nee Shenton)
Account Executive
Communications Service
Lancashire County Council

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