Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Fwd: Save the Date! Salt Awareness Week 2016

Haslingden and Hyndburn regularly receive worrying health statistics, some of the worst. Only late last year the area was highlighted for one of the worst life expectancy with smoking, fatty food, sugar and salt consumption far too high. All this leads to high levels of coronary heart disease. I think our grandchildren want to see their grandparents grow old and families prosper. This campaign is important in informing Haslingden and Hyndburn constituents of the dangers of salt which narrows arteries.

Dear  Graham Jones MP,
CASH is pleased to announce that our 17th National Salt Awareness Week will take place from Monday 29th February - Sunday 6th March 2016.
This year we will be celebrating 20 years since we first set out to reduce salt in the UK diet and improve public health.
Over this time, there have been significant reductions in the amount of salt added to processed foods thanks to the efforts of the food industry, government and public health organisations like CASH. Therefore over the week we will be highlighting the great achievements that have been made, with a number of food categories containing as much as 50% less salt now than they did 10 years ago.
We will also be emphasising the need for further work if we are to reach the 6g per day salt target for the UK. Many foods still have 'hidden salt' in them, even foods that don't necessarily taste salty. We all have a responsibility to read the labels and choose foods with less salt but it is down to the food companies to provide us with low salt options. Equally it is much harder to eat less salt when eating out in restaurants and ordering takeaways, so we will be calling on the industry to continue with their reformulation efforts, the government to take more action and the public to ask for less salt. With the 2017 and out of home salt targets well under way, we will be looking to see which members of industry have made the most progress.