Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Absolutely scandalous. 83% of extra £300m to local gov goes to southern Tory shires

Under pressure from Tory backbenchers, David Cameron has 'found' £300 million to relieve the worst problems in local government. Southern councils have faced little or no cuts with some receiving an increase over the last 5 years. Yet 83% of the £300m will go to southern Tory shires.

This is just political corruption. Pork barrelling. So much for the Northern Powerhouse it is back to the Northern Poorhouse. The north baring the greatest cuts. Not only that the Tories are claiming that they are giving Lancashire County Council over £1m extra but they are taking more than that away from the education budget resulting in a deceitful cut.

We saw last week with underhand way money was clawed back from the Lancashire Constabulary police grant that George Osborne's promise to freeze police grants was another untruth.

I hope people who voted Tory in the north have the common sense to vote Labour in this May's elections and send a clear signal to Downing Street that their services, their councils will not suffer this unfairness and if they continue to do it will be Tory northern councillors who are punished for their silence and complicity.

For full report:

It found that the biggest beneficiary will be Surrey, which will get £24m, with £19m going to Hampshire, £16m to Hertfordshire, £14m to Essex, £12m to West Sussex, £11m to Kent and £9m to Buckinghamshire. Cameron’s county council in Oxfordshire will get an additional £9m to ease the cuts over the next two years.