Sunday, 14 February 2016

Carnegie UK Trust campaign to protect our libraries

Dear Mr Graham Jones MP

The Carnegie UK Trust has today published four new databases of examples that show public libraries’ impact on four policy areas: economic, education, culture and society. The databases accompany our leaflet-poster‘Speaking Volumes: The Impact of Public Libraries on Wellbeing’.

The database and leaflet are intended for use as an advocacy resource to support the case for the major contribution that libraries continue to make to our wellbeing.

We ask you to:
1.      Download the databases
2.      Share them with any of your colleagues, stakeholders or networks who you think may find it useful
3.      Get in touch with us via the online form if you would like to submit further examples of how public libraries impact upon these policy areas and on wellbeing.

Thank you.

With best wishes

Dr Jenny Peachey
Policy Officer
Carnegie UK Trust
Tel: 01383 721445
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Twitter: @JennyP_Carnegie and @CarnegieUKTrust