Friday, 1 April 2016

e-petition - Please sign to save Lancashire's historic library & museum services - update

Update: “I will be taking a petition to Parliament soon and raising the matter of drastic government cuts to Lancashire which is resulting in half our libraries and many of our museums closing. This loss will never be recovered. We are denying our children and grand children our history and heritage, denying them places where they can read, study, watch, touch and understand.

The loss isn’t just a physical loss, libraries are public spaces used by individuals and communities, but a loss of local experience, local skills and local knowledge. David Cameron’s own mother has told him he’s gone to far. The Prime Minister needs to understand in the real world the consequences of his actions.”

I have set up a e-petition on the parliamentary website to 'Stop Lancashire's tragic library and museum closures by proper government funding.'

Please would you sign it.

Lancashire County Council have had their government funding cut by a further £262million & are now only able to provide statutory services. As a result of funding cuts, 40 libraries & several important museums across Lancashire are to close. Lancashire's (& Britain's) history is being thrown away.

The library & museum closure programme;
• is a disastrous decision for both Lancashire & the North West
• County Museum Service has been carefully & professionally built up since the mid-1970s,
• consider likely response of bodies such as HLF who have invested £millions,
• was regarded as one of the finest public library services in Western Europe,
• libraries are community hubs,
• closure of 40 libraries challenged under 1964 PLMA legislation
• over 100 libraries lost last yr, 441 since 2010