Tuesday, 9 February 2016

I have signed EDM 1081 in opposition to scrapping of the NHS Bursary

The Government is planning to scrap the NHS Bursary for students of nursing, midwifery and allied health subjects, which will see all non-payable student support for these students abolished and tuition fees of over £9,000 applied to their courses. This will see nurses, midwives and allied health professionals starting their careers with debts of around £51,600.

I disagree with tuition fees. 

This change by a Tory government with little concern for the poorest who want to get on, at a time when we want working class people and want more NHS workers from the UK is in my view wrong and and I have signed EDM 1081 in opposition.

EDM 1081 – The NHS Bursary

That this House is aware of the mass petition currently gathering momentum opposed to Government plans to replace NHS bursaries with student loans; believes such a direction would be wrong and fundamentally unfair as unlike other students most student nurses spend half their time on unpaid clinical placements in hospitals and the community, have a longer academic year than other students, have little time to earn money, as well as their average ages being around 29 years, with many having their own children; notes the pay for registered nurses is far lower than other graduate professions making it unlikely they would ever earn sufficient wages to refund such borrowings; and calls on the Government in the interests of the nation's health to stop such a stupid and short-sighted route to nowhwere.