Friday, 12 February 2016

Roots to Prosperity Woodland Productivity Task

Dear Mr Jones, We had our Roots to Prosperity launch reception last week in Parliament, where the Roots to Prosperity Woodland Productivity Task Group launched three themed prospectuses demonstrating the investment opportunities for productive woodland creation in Northern England. I have attached the prospectuses to this email for ease of reference.
Roots to Prosperity identified the need to plant 2000ha of productive woodland each year for the next ten years, which has the potential to create 1,000 new jobs in rural areas, provide feedstock for the region’s world class processing industry, lock up carbon, decrease the flooding risk of downstream areas and provide £53m Gross Value Added. Recent flooding in the north of England, the historic Paris Agreement and the need for a million new homes by 2020 underlines the need for more woodland planting and the greater use of timber in construction and energy generation.

Yours sincerely,

Hamish Macleod
Chair, Roots to Prosperity Woodland Productivity Task Group
Director of Public Affairs, BSW Timber Group
Carlisle Sawmills, Cargo, Carlisle, CA6 4BA

Update: I have asked both Rossendale and Hyndburn Councils for an update on woodland management and new planting. I await their reply. Graham