Monday, 1 February 2016

Visiting flood hit village Irwell Vale

Having visited Irwell Vale village not long after the water receded, it is clear that not enough has been done to prevent a repeat of the 2012 floods (evidently). The Government haven't done enough despite promises to do so. Lancashire County Council are renovating the bridge and have put in a temporary bridge to allow access to the village.

@LancashireCC Cabinet member for Floods, Councillor Clare Pritchard (@cpritchard73) recently visited Irwell Vale village. Leader of Rossendale Council Alyson Barnes (@alysonbarnes) has also been directing effects too. The next meeting of residents with the EA will take place in the 10th February from 3-7pm.

Reply from @envagency on floods to River Irwell in particular. @cpritchard73 @politicslabour @lovehaslingden

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