Tuesday, 29 March 2016

"Keep Rossendale Valley Green" & stop the Tories building 5,000 more houses in Rossendale

Many people in Rossendale are angry at the Tory government for breaking a promise. A promise to let local people decide on planning decisions. Now Rossendale is being asked by government to build thousands of new properties in the valley.

"Keep Rossendale Valley Green" is a campaign that opposses the government's desire to build 5,000 houses in Rossendale.  Alyson Barnes, Rossendale Borough Council leader has written a letter to David Cameron asking him to reverse his government's decision to force the Council to build houses that will damage the Valley forever.   Over the last few weeks campaigners have been delivering Keep Rossendale Valley Green leaflet across the Valley and have been asking people to join the campaign by adding their name to Alyson's letter.
The campaign now has cross party support.

You too can sign the letter and read more about the campaign at keep rossendale valley green