Thursday, 31 March 2016

My LT Column - Global terrorism.

Sadly terrorism has struck again and again and again. Just this month (March) suicide bombers callously carried out their cowardly acts of barbarism in Brussels, Istanbul (tourists), Ivory Coast (tourists), Anbar (council workers), Baghdad (inside football stadium), Aden and Lahore (children and families in a park).

In the first three months of this year so called Islamist terrorist acts have also occurred in; Kenya, Nigeria (village), Cameroon (market), Pakistan (third time - a university), Burkino Faso (big hotel), Istanbul (again- tourists), Jakarta (in the city), Iraq (shopping mall), Kabul (hotel), Kabul (again), Libya, Morocco, Libya (again), India, Mogadishu (beachside restaurant), Hurghada (tourists) and Marseille (Jewish school).

That’s 24 attacks January to March this year. The average being 8 a month.

At least 542 killed (38 of which in Belgium). The average death toll being 23.

At least 1063 injured or maimed from 16 of those callous acts. The average injured 66.

Children, families, ordinary people in most cases. So let's be absolutely clear;

Firstly, none of these have any relation to UK airstrikes. These countries did not participate in airstrikes in Syria or Iraq but have suffered the terrible consequences of terrorism.

Secondly, the under reporting by western media of terror attacks in 'far away' countries is a sad reflection on us. Every life should be of equal value. Some of these attacks don't even make a footnote. The greatest suffering of course is innocent muslims. They are the people who suffer the most, victims of criminal and barbarous lunatics who commit acts in the name of Islam.

Thirdly, we should never bow down to terrorists. Organisations like Stop the War (and several other ultra-extremist leftist lunatic groups) are in my mind apologists who add legitimacy to these heinous acts. They discuss them as though these acts, such as raping children and killing old women are in some way a noble cause against an oppressor. Let us make clear to them; 132 children slaughtered in Peshawar on 16th December 2014 were not oppressors but victims. Innocent ones.

Fourthly, RAF airstrikes are slowly defeating the fascist Da'esh in Iraq/Syria and so far 4 months in there have been no known civilian casualties, civilians protected and an evil organisation on the run with their US$ – notably on rat lines to Afghanistan and Libya.

As internationalists, as a defender of human rights, Britain never has and never will cower in fear of terrorism. We are a great nation respected around the world.