Wednesday, 15 June 2016

EU help for Accrington Pals commemorations

The EU are again trying to help our very own Accrington Pals reenactment group cut through red tape.

The Pals reenactment group contacted me having been told they can't take replica guns to France for the 1st of July celebrations.

I wrote to French Ambassador on their behalf and he said that was untrue. They could and was helpful in facilitating the licences required.

Then the reenactment group were told that they could take the rifles but not bayonets by the UK Home Office.

The EU have recently passed a directive which allows for bayonets to be used on such occasions but the UK Home Office are refusing to abide by the EU directive which has disappointed the group to say the least. I would question whether the Home Office are acting without a legal basis.

Here is the latest update I have received.

"Just to let you know Graham, at the moment we will not be allowed to take our rifles and Bayonets to France for the SOMME 100 Commemorations. The Home office have ignored the spirit and intent of the New EU Firearms Directive and are stating categorically that we must have our current legally deactivated weapons upspecced to EU standard with an EU certificate before we can take abroad. So Accrington Pals will be armless! 😞"