Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Fwd: PSNC response to Parliamentary Debate

Subject: PSNC response to Parliamentary Debate
Date: 18 October 2016 18:17:24 BST

Dear Mr Jones,
I am emailing on behalf of the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee  (PSNC) to thank you for taking part in yesterday's debate on community pharmacy.
We were delighted to see the debate so well attended and your input was most welcome, particularly your highlighting the important relationships between pharmacists and the patients who use their services.
I have attached our report of yesterday's debate  which I hope you find useful, and please see below a number of additional questions which the Department for Health has yet to answer.
  • Can the Minister confirm that the plan to refer all 111 calls for repeat prescriptions to pharmacists is in fact a pilot only?
  • Can the Minister confirm that the minor ailments scheme he mentioned is not a national consistent scheme, but that local CCGs will be encouraged to commission and fund schemes from their local budgets?
  • Can the Minister confirm that the access scheme will only protect pharmacies that are at least one mile from the next nearest pharmacy, irrespective of the levels of deprivation?
  • Can the Minister confirm that the distance to qualify for the scheme is one mile from the next nearest pharmacy?
  • Why has it not been possible to produce an impact assessment before now, given that the proposals were announced ten months ago, and have not changed substantially since?
  • The Minister asked the House to reflect on the number of pharmacies owned by companies. Can he confirm what the issue on which the House needs to reflect is, when GPs and dentists are also private contractors to the NHS?
  • The Minister made a commitment that no community will be left without a pharmacy. How does he define a community for this purpose?
  • Can the Minister confirm how the proposals will make pharmacy access better than now?
PSNC appreciates your ongoing support for this campaign. We expect an imminent announcement from the Department on Health on the next steps, but in the meantime we would appreciate any efforts to contact the Minister for clarification on the questions raised in the attached document.
Kind regards,
Tom Woolhouse
3 Priory Court
Pilgrim St
London EC4V 6DE

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