Sunday, 30 October 2016

Harsher sentences for for offenders who assault the Police

I recently attended Holly Lynch MPs (MP for Halifax) event to raise awareness of, and promote tougher sentences for assaults on police staff. #AssaultPolice #PoliceOfficerSafety

It is unacceptable that people who go out there to protect us the general public are not given the maximum protection themselves. That's why I support harsher sentences. I have written recently about this.

Police assaults and poor sentencing remains high on the Police Federation agenda.

Holly recently held a police debate in the House of Commons surrounding this issue. Holly Lynch  led the debate. Holly had gone out for a shift with her local police and ended up calling 999 to get back up for the officer she was out with, she saw first-hand that back is not always just round the corner.. Hollys blog about the issues can be found here:

In Lancashire there have been some appalling cases.

In Lancashire there have been some appalling cases.

One case in particular recently received national attention due to the woefully inadequate sentencing. Dawn Walker has 11 Police assault convictions, four of them she was convicted of in 2016. A serving Lancashire Police officer told me that " I don’t think anyone can comprehend how this violent individual has once again been allowed to walk free. This cannot be right. I have asked for more information about this case in particular as magistrate’s state the sentencing guidelines were adhered to. If that’s the case then the guidelines are wrong."

Last month we saw fireworks thrown at officers who were reconstructing a fatal road traffic accident, thankfully no one was injured. Two officers were injured when they were hit head on in their vehicle and two others were purposefully driven at and injured at a petrol station in Blackpool. This is only a small handful of the number of assaults officers face on a daily basis. There has to be a deterrent to these violent individuals who are putting the lives of our officers at risk.

Nationally, 2,000 officers are assaulted every month, that’s one every 22 minutes. With the loss of over 900 officers in Lancashire, the back-up is simply not as readily available as it once was and one of the knock on effects has been an increase in assaults on officers.