Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Cavity wall insulation problems? Poor installation? Causing damp?

Two constituents have approached me about failing cavity wall insulation fitted a while back when little was known about the products, the process and the consequences.

Since then I have picked up a point of contact for constituents who are experiencing the same problems and have tried to help those affected.

CIVALLI - Cavity Insulation Victims Alliance
founder of CWIVA who sent me a letter which is attached.http://www.civalli.com/


A constituent has written to me after contacting CIVALLI with the following.

"After a chance meeting with the BBCs Rip-Off Britain at the Trafford Centre we, via a long story(!), appeared on the programme and have had it removed via a very generous offer from a CWI specialist in Preston.

We gained much of oiur help via http://www.civalli.com/ and I have received the below email which I hope your can support them (and other 'victims') on.

At this stage I'd be interested on any progress that anyone makes on this issue and intend to raise the issue in Parliament.