Monday, 14 November 2016

Cross Party EDM opposing Gov't privatisation of Channel 4

I have campaigned against Channel 4 privatisation (and other public asset sales) and will signing a cross party EDM this week in Parliament opposing Channel 4 sell off ahead of the Autumn statement.

The Government must not be allowed to sell of Channel 4 or other national infrastructure assets. Besides which how do you value an asset that is not for profit? (other than make it make a shareholder profit at the expense of spending on programming).

I also oppose the sell off of the Post Office, NATS, OS and the Land Registry as mentioned in the EDM.

"That this House notes that the new government appears rightly ambivalent about selling off profitable national assets – no final decisions have been made about privatising the Land Registry and Channel 4 while plans are at an early stage for selling off the public stake in National Air Traffic Services (NATS) and introducing private sector capital into Ordnance Survey; welcomes the publication of the report by We Own It and the New Economics Foundation ‘Future profits vs short term cash: What’s at stake in the Great British sell off’; notes the conclusion of this report that selling off profitable public assets means we lose out in the long run on future revenue; notes that within 10 years the British public will be losing money as a result of the Royal Mail privatisation; notes that the Land Registry sale would lose us money in 25 years’ time and for NATS we would lose out in just seven years; is proud of our successful, innovative public assets; believes they are important to the future of our country; and calls on the government to confirm in the Autumn Statement that the national treasures mentioned above will stay in public hands."