Monday, 19 December 2016

Accrington Postie Strike

Accrington Postie Strike

This is about bullying at the Accrington depot. Bullying by one señor manager. Bullying that had been resolved until Royal Mail decide to renege on an agreement and keep the said manager at Accringtion Office. And then things got worse.

Going on strike means a loss of pay and our posties don't get paid a great deal. If you want to contribute to the strike fund then donations can be sent to:

Ben Barnes
CWU East Lancs Treasurer
Burnley Delivery Office
Bank parade
BB11 1DY

Yesterday I joined the Accrington posties on the picket line. Bullying in any workplace is unacceptable. Makes peoples lives miserable and can lead to all sorts of personal problems.

No postal worker wants to loose money & neither do they want to take strike action especially at Christmas, They work all year round come rain or shine & are the greatest asset Royal Mail posess.

No Postal worker should have to attend work to be shouted at with foul & abusive language by their manager. They should be properly renumerated for work performed over and above their contracted hours.

This is not the case at Accrington delivery office. For some time now the management of this office has ruled with fear & intimidation.

The CWU who represent workers at Accrington engaged with Royal Mail to try to resolve the issues being raised. This ended up with mediation under our mutually agreed processes. The outcome of the mediation process was that both sides agreed the manager should be removed from the office. However Royal Mail have refused to act on this recommendation. Whilst clear evidence exists that the
manager bullies his staff he is seemingly allowed to carry on with impunity making the senior management responsible complicit in these bullying actions.

The CWU members within the unit have balloted to take industrial action and have started a series of 24 hour walkouts to defend their absolute right to attend work without the fear of being bullied & harassed in an unprecedented move from
a office with no history of industrial turmoil.

We call upon Royal Mail to take its duty of care to its staff at Accrington seriously & resolve this dispute in a mannor where its greatest asset 'The Postie' can go to work with dignity and without fear.