Sunday, 16 July 2017

A56 improvements - resurfacing works

The Oliver King Foundation - Defibrillator Champion

The retail energy market is failing customers

Delighted to support help Cancer Research UK.

Fracking costs - Lancs PCC Clive Grunshaw writes to Home Office minister

Barnfield Street resurfacing - LCC "may be considered in future years", "no funding"

Homelessness in Hyndburn - something I care about a lot.

Haslingden Shop Front Scheme

Parking restrictions on Church Street, Accrington

Politics is something that affects everyone

Refurbished Woodnook Centre

Bootstrap Enterprises

M65 extension, TfN and better rail services

Haslingden Act of Kindness campaign

Haslingden Royal British Legion Family Fun Day

Cancer Research UK

Supporting the Fairtrade Foundation

Accrington student Cara visits Westminster for a week

SKYNEWS: "Rise of robots will 'break the social ladder' and cost 15 million jobs"

The Alzheimer’s Society Parliamentary event

Dog Fouling in Haslingden

Good to meet staff from UU in Parliament

13th July marks 100th anniversary of the Battle of Ypres

Supporting veterans charities

Child prostitution in India

Old Baptist building, Melbourne Street, Oswaldtwistle

Manchester Airport upgrade

Closure of Blackburn Coroners Office

It's a strange place Parliament

Ivory Trade: Many constituents are writing to me about this campaign

Haslingden baths

3-6pm today. Apprenticeship Fair. Accrington Town Hall

Parliamentary Week

Home Start AGM

Football mums

The revolution towards all electric cars continues

elected to Labour's Parliamentary Committee

Jammu and Kashmir Movement for Self Determination meeting

Spoke in the Yemen debate in Parliament yesterday.

I spoke in the #WASPI debate.

Arthritis Research UK

Met with Sam Atherton, parliamentary officer for Manchester Airport

Meeting local print business, Point Control, in Parliament.

Protecting the environment

Have you ever stopped to think about who owns and controls your personal data?

State Nurseries

Accrington Pals 1st July 1916, 101st year anniversary remembrance service.

Baxenden - SPID camera on Back Lane

Friday, 30 June 2017

Happy this week to support CarersUK event in Parliament

Use of pencils in polling stations

LT: Great Harwood station closure ‘bad day’ for police, says Hyndburn MP


Really delighted at the success of the Accrington Food Festival

Queens Speech. Lifting the 1% pay cap on public pay

Peel Ward - removal of container; Baxenden - SPID camera on Back Lane

I have signed Early Day Motion (EDM 63) on Women Against State Pension Inequality

Veterans in the Community latest newsletter

Tackling domestic violence is important

I attended the APPG on Nurseries today

LT Column Weds 21 Grenfell tower blaze.

Morris Homes, Foxwood Chase, Huncoat - update

Staying healthy - Hyndburn walking for health group

Eid Mubarak

Photos from Accrington Carnival

In memory of Councillor Pam Barton

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Health is the big local issue not being talked about

Tom Watsons visit to Accrington

Back on Haslingden market

Standing up against slum landlords

John Mann in the nationals talking about working class candidates MPs

Helping People in Haslindgen and Hyndburn

Devasting school cuts to Haslndgen and Hyndburn: My meeting with St Christophers School Governors

Raising Awareness of Bowel Cancer

Fundraising event for Derian House at Balti Stan

The 191st anniversary of the east Lancashire loom riots.

Mary Hindle Centre 191st anniversary

Haslingden Pies St Georges Day, Haslingden Market

The new edition of the Life:style Magazine

Launch of the parliamentary campaign for Haslingden & Hyndburn.

Remembering on International Workers Memorial week

Thursday, 20 April 2017

@AndyhHolt's £25k fundraising pledge for @CharliesChapter

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Increased awareness of risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

I am delighted to support the baby charity The Lullaby Trust in urging local authorities to ensure health professionals in the North West receive the training and support they need to deliver safer sleep messages to all families. The call comes as part of Safer Sleep Week, the charity’s national campaign to raise awareness of SIDS (often referred to as cot death) and the lifesaving advice that parents can follow to reduce the risk of it occurring.

The national survey commissioned by charity The Lullaby Trust, found that 37% of parents in the North West are unsure of one of the most fundamental steps to reduce the risk of SIDS: sleeping a baby on its back for every sleep.

Evidence shows that babies who are slept on their back for every sleep are 6 times less likely to die from SIDS than those who sleep on their front or side.

Sleeping babies on their front was commonplace until the national “Back to Sleep” campaign in 1991. This campaign along with continued awareness raising of SIDS and safer sleep, by The Lullaby Trust, over the 25 years since, has led to a widespread change in how parents sleep their babies. As a result SIDS rates in the UK have reduced by 85% since 1991. However, the rates could still be much lower and research has shown, that if all parents followed safer sleep advice, the lives of many more babies could be saved.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Hyndburn Business Awards

​Hi Everyone!

The day has finally dawned and you can now nominate for Hyndburn Business Awards 2017.

As you can see there are three options when nominating:
  1. Stonehouse Logic Award: you can nominate your own or any other Hyndburn business for this Award. You can nominate as many businesses as you like. We get in touch with each business nominated and send them an entry form. On that entry form they choose which other categories they want to enter.
  2. Customer Friendly Business Award: you can only nominate other Hyndburn businesses for this category, in recognition of their superior customer service. If a business is nominated for this category they are automatically nominated for the Stonehouse Logic Award. They get a slightly modified entry form (with sections about their customer service).
  3. Pride of Hyndburn Award: this is a very special award for the people, clubs, associations, networks and societies that work so hard (and often as volunteers) to make Hyndburn a better place to live, work and visit. They don’t have a formal legal structure (not limited companies, partnerships, community interest companies or charities) but they are often extremely enterprising. This category has its own special entry form. 

Nominations can be made until April 18th. We will announce any nomination on our Twitter (@HyndburnAwards) and Facebook Page (@hyndburnbusinessawards). It would really help us spread the word if you could ‘favourite and retweet’ and ‘like and share’ as many of them as you can.

We will also be starting to update the news section of over the next few weeks, to keep everyone up to date with progress.

The first post shows you the flyer we are circulating around Hyndburn at the moment. 

Rob Carder
Enterprising People

The Chancellor should defuse the Universal Credit ticking time bomb says Usdaw

Shopworkers' trade union leader John Hannett has called on the Chancellor to use this week’s Budget to reverse the deeply unfair and damaging cuts to Universal Credit that were introduced by his predecessor.

Usdaw’s analysis reveals that a couple with children, both working in retail, earning just above the so-called ‘National Living Wage’, one working full-time and one part-time, would be £1,866 worse off on Universal Credit.

A worker on Universal Credit earning the National Living Wage of £7.20 an hour, takes home just £7.24 for doing an additional 4 hour shift. That amounts to £1.81 per hour, often barely covering their travel costs.

John Hannett – Usdaw General Secretary says: “Universal Credit will plunge far more working families into poverty, which will be almost impossible to work their way out of. We supported the initial intentions of Universal Credit, to simplify benefits and improve incentives to work.  However, severe cost cutting has turned Universal Credit into a real threat to the incomes of low-paid working families.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Budget 2017: the Tories want to line the pockets of their rich friends again

Wednesday at the budget, the Tories want to line the pockets of their rich friends again.

They want to cut inheritance tax for the wealthy;
a tax cut on houses sold above £650,000.

This Osborne-era policy will cost £1billion to the Exchequer and almost none of that will come to Hyndburn.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

More Tory police cuts on the way

Last year we had the fiasco whereby the Government tried to fix police funding so certain areas benefited and others lost out, significantly. Lancashire was such a huge loser that hundreds of police officers would have to have been sacked. Lancashire was scheduled to lose a further £25m in the formula rejig on top of the deep cuts already imposed on every police authority.

Our Crime Commissioner wasted many hours over months trying to get to the bottom of this flawed method where the government refused to release the methodology. When he eventually did, it transpired the government had made huge mistakes and the formula was scrapped.

Just a small point here. Theresa May was the Home Office secretary of state overseeing all of this.

Now it's back.

I have written to the minster to ensure he knows the feelings of people in Haslingden and Hyndburn and Lancashire prior to latest gerrymandered formula. The cuts have gone to far.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Helping refugee's - Why we need a different approach.

Helping refugees

- It's time to think of all refugee's and not just the one's that fill our TV screens (eg. 490,000 DRC refugees as well as others)
- It's time to recognise that some camps are good, others are not up to standard
- It's time to look at the best camps and the economics of helping as many people as possible.
- It's time to recognise that the overwhelming number of refugees do not want to come to western Europe and need our help
- Recognise that the refugee crisis cannot be wholly solved in Europe

In early 2015, graphic images of makeshift boats sinking in the Mediterranean shocked us all. Aboard were small children and their parents, many of whom undertook the perilous journey in the hope of safety and security for their families. Pictures of their bodies, washed up on the shores of Greek beaches, were met with a national outcry and prompted demands for the UK to take swift action.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Good result - After my intervention, ASA cracks down on Rip Off auction sites

A good result.

The Advertising Standards Agency following my request last year began investigating penny auction sites.

These bogus rip off sites sell iPads for 30x their value by letting you believe you are in with a chance. You aren't.

They are making that much money they pay for their misleading adverts on the Sky News app for example.

They have written back to me having concluded their investigations and as a result they have laid down strict advertising standards for these misleading rip off sites.

Dear Graham

I hope you are well. You may have already seen this in the press today, but if not I wanted to alert you to the fact that today we have published the rulings for the six formal investigations we initiated last year.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Israel Settlements - My speech for this weeks debate

This week I was unable to get into the Israeli Settlements debate but here was my speech for interest. Posted because I receive quite a bit of interest on it.

If you have comments to me personally, please email


In the final weeks of the previous American administration – John Kerry made a remarkably bold speech.
It was a speech from a statesman at the end of an illustrious career – impassioned, informed and, above all, honest.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

My LT Column - Your School -

Your local school budget is about to get wholloped. Every school, everywhere.

The biggest cuts fall in urban area as the Government tries to protect school budgets in rural schools. Hard working parents who help fund raise through PTA’s and the like will have to do more. More than they are currently doing to make up the £400 or thereabouts shortfall per pupil.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Remembering the victims of the Holocaust

Delighted to sign the Holocaust Educational Trust Book of Commitment remembering those who were murdered during the Holocaust. @HolocaustUK

Police and Crime Commissioner Survey

The Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw has conducted a huge survey which has showing that communities see major crimes such as murder, rape and serious assaults; protecting children from child sexual exploitation and tackling serious organised crime and patrolling neighbourhoods with high crime rates as their highest priorities for policing.

I agree with the public and I don't want to see cuts to police services.

It is not surprising that huge numbers of Lancashire residents participated in this survey and is evidence of people’s desire to have a say in the running of their communities. Residents recognise that police are vital for keeping their families safe on a daily basis. Under the Tories we have lost 893 Police officers, 331 Police support staff and 140 PCSOs and demand for Police services is rising not falling.

Working Temperatures and the Ivory Trade. Time to act on both

Working temperatures
Too many people have to work in excessively hot conditions and I've heard about complaints from Accrington's Acorn Centre. That's why I've supported the TUC's Cool It campaign to introduce a statutory maximum temperature in the workplace and why I've signed EDM 344 to ask the Government to give workers these legal safeguards #CoolIt

Ivory trade
The ivory trade is a global outrage. As the charity Born Free has stated, tens of thousands of elephants are killed each year for their ivory - that's one elephant butchered every 15 minutes. Nearly one third of Africa's savanna elephants were killed between 2007 and 2014 to fuel the ivory trade in Asia, where gangs can charge over a thousand dollars for a kilogram of ivory on the black market.

Armed poachers are paid to pursue whole herds of elephants, shooting the animals with machine guns before they saw off their tusks with chainsaws.

This barbarism not only harms the animals themselves. It also undermines Africa's biodiversity and destroys the continent's eco-systems. Elephants spread seeds and create clearings in forests, laying way for new plants to grow - as anyone who's watched Planet Earth knows. They also attract thousands of tourists, bringing in much-needed revenue to parts of Africa.

International trade in ivory has been outlawed for over a quarter of a century. And in 1989, ivory prices crashed as a result, while markets in the USA and UK closed.

But the trade persists, albeit illicitly.

In September 2016, countries agreed to shut down the domestic ivory trade at a meeting by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. I'm glad to see our own Government take international action to combat the ivory trade. But there's a lot more that needs to be done. Each day,
ivory is traded within the UK - and much of it is falsely presented as part of the legal antique market.

That's why I've signed EDM 859, which calls on the Government to implement its commitment to ban ivory sales and close down the UK ivory market immediately.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Opportunities for local grants. I thought I'd post this.

Opportunities for local grants. I thought I'd post this.

Dear MP

I am writing to make you aware of an opportunity for local charities in your constituency. From today local charities can apply for a share of funds raised by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery.

£6 million will be available this year via three Trusts which support different categories of projects. For more information on how local charities can apply please visit the following websites:,,

Grant funding being sought for new disabled children play area

Did you know there are no disabled play areas in Britain? OK, not quite true, there is an old one in London.

Hyndburn Council are leading on a project looking at building a disabled play area. This will be funded by grant bids and I am delighted to be backing them and the application for funding.

The funding will be sought through the Green Spaces Forum (28 local groups now affiliated) which I helped initiate some 10 years ago. I wrote about it last month. It has brought £5.2m into the area and transformed Hyndburns Green Spaces.

It becomes more apparent, the more you consider standard play areas that they don't lend themselves to children with disabilities. Having a child with a disability at home can be hard enough but the planning and preparation when visiting anywhere is just an extra task facing parents.

After a lot of thought the Council have decided that there is an opportunity aside of the Sports Centre to build Britains first modern play area for children with disabilities.

There is a report about play and children with disability which was released in 2016 by Lord Blunkett – which makes the case for a new play area.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Rising Bridge roundabout

Graham Jones MP condemns Government’s £68 million raid on Lancashire’s school funding by 2020

The reallocation of school budgets according to a new national funding formula will mean secondary school pupils lose £477 and primary school pupils lose £339 every year by 2020.[1]

The National Audit Office has predicted that overall schools’ funding will be cut by £3bn from 2016 to 2020, which represents a cut for every pupil in 98% of England’s schools.[2] In response, the NUT has teamed up with other trade unions to campaign against the cuts.

NUT analysis shows that primary schools will on average face cuts of £87,117 while secondary schools will face a whopping £405,611. The cuts will affect schools with poorer students more.[3]

The poorest kids will be hit the hardest

Schools which have higher percentages of children from families who are ‘just about managing’ (JAMs) will be worse off.

Funding for primary schools with the most number of JAMs will be cut by £447 a year, while primary schools with the least number of JAMs will receive cuts of £297 a year.

Funding for secondary schools with the most number of JAMs will be cut by £489 a year, while secondary schools with the least number of JAMs will receive cuts of £658 a year.

Schools in Lancashire will face a massive £68 million cut
The new national funding formula was supposed to iron out historic regional funding disparities. But, in true Tory fashion, it will be poorer, Labour areas will be hit the hardest.

Analysis by the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) shows that schools in the 10 best-funded areas will on average receive grants of £6,297 per pupil in 2015-16, compared to an average of £4,208 per pupil in the 10 most poorly funded area.[4]

By 2019-20, Lancashire’s schools will have experienced a total reduction of £68,610,080 to their funding. The NUT has calculated that this would mean 1,841 less teachers in Lancashire’s schools. Here are just a few examples of what schools in Hyndburn will face by 2019:

St Christopher’s will face a reduction of £635,978 – £624 per pupil.
St Mary’s Primary will see a loss of £67,455 – £531 per pupil.
Accrington Academy will experience a loss of £748,877 – £796 per pupil.
Mount Carmel will see a budget cut of £538,301 – £743 per pupil.

Graham Jones MP has condemned the cuts as a further attack on poorer children

Graham says: ‘The Government promised that education would be protected and that no cuts would be introduced after 2015. Yet children who have had no say in the Government’s economic mess are now being forced to bear the costs of the Conservative’s failures.

The Tories have made a habit out of hitting poorer, Labour constituencies the hardest and their new funding formula is no exception.

Young kids at St Christopher’s Primary will each experience a £531 in funding, whilst secondary school pupils at Accrington Academy will each be £796 worse off. Whether it’s primary or secondary education, both pupils and teachers in Hyndburn are going to suffer.’

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Lancashire Environmental Fund grants are available to local organisations.

Lancashire Environmental Fund grants are available to local organisations.

If you are part of a local group in @lovehaslingden or Hyndburn looking for funds, why not see if you qualify and apply?

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Fwd: New research shows two- thirds of people with asthma still not receiving basic care

Dear Mr Jones,


Today Asthma UK has launched new research showing two – thirds of people with asthma are not receiving care that meets the most basic clinical standard, despite the fact that good routine asthma care prevents life-threatening asthma attacks and needless hospital admissions.


These findings come two years after the National Review of Asthma Deaths showed that two out of three deaths are preventable with good basic care. We know that good care stops asthma attacks, however, these findings show there are still too many examples where this isn't happening.  Asthma has the best evidence that self-management works and with new asthma digital health solutions we have the potential to help healthcare professionals manage asthma more effectively as well as support better self-management. Digital asthma action plans, smart inhalers, and automated GP alerts are just some of the ways asthma care could be brought up to date and help reduce the risk of potentially fatal asthma attacks.


Our report, based on a survey of more than 4,500 people, provides a snapshot of the standards of asthma care and emphasises the need to revolutionise the way asthma is managed. I hope you read our report with interest and should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact me.


Finally, I'd like to give you advanced notice that next week Asthma UK will be launching our annual #Scarfie campaign to help stop asthma attacks this winter and we would be delighted if you could get involved. Further details to follow shortly.


Best wishes,




Miss Derry Begho

External Affairs Officer

Asthma UK, 4th Floor, 18 Mansell Street, London, E1 8AA

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