Sunday, 22 January 2017

Graham Jones MP condemns Government’s £68 million raid on Lancashire’s school funding by 2020

The reallocation of school budgets according to a new national funding formula will mean secondary school pupils lose £477 and primary school pupils lose £339 every year by 2020.[1]

The National Audit Office has predicted that overall schools’ funding will be cut by £3bn from 2016 to 2020, which represents a cut for every pupil in 98% of England’s schools.[2] In response, the NUT has teamed up with other trade unions to campaign against the cuts.

NUT analysis shows that primary schools will on average face cuts of £87,117 while secondary schools will face a whopping £405,611. The cuts will affect schools with poorer students more.[3]

The poorest kids will be hit the hardest

Schools which have higher percentages of children from families who are ‘just about managing’ (JAMs) will be worse off.

Funding for primary schools with the most number of JAMs will be cut by £447 a year, while primary schools with the least number of JAMs will receive cuts of £297 a year.

Funding for secondary schools with the most number of JAMs will be cut by £489 a year, while secondary schools with the least number of JAMs will receive cuts of £658 a year.

Schools in Lancashire will face a massive £68 million cut
The new national funding formula was supposed to iron out historic regional funding disparities. But, in true Tory fashion, it will be poorer, Labour areas will be hit the hardest.

Analysis by the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) shows that schools in the 10 best-funded areas will on average receive grants of £6,297 per pupil in 2015-16, compared to an average of £4,208 per pupil in the 10 most poorly funded area.[4]

By 2019-20, Lancashire’s schools will have experienced a total reduction of £68,610,080 to their funding. The NUT has calculated that this would mean 1,841 less teachers in Lancashire’s schools. Here are just a few examples of what schools in Hyndburn will face by 2019:

St Christopher’s will face a reduction of £635,978 – £624 per pupil.
St Mary’s Primary will see a loss of £67,455 – £531 per pupil.
Accrington Academy will experience a loss of £748,877 – £796 per pupil.
Mount Carmel will see a budget cut of £538,301 – £743 per pupil.

Graham Jones MP has condemned the cuts as a further attack on poorer children

Graham says: ‘The Government promised that education would be protected and that no cuts would be introduced after 2015. Yet children who have had no say in the Government’s economic mess are now being forced to bear the costs of the Conservative’s failures.

The Tories have made a habit out of hitting poorer, Labour constituencies the hardest and their new funding formula is no exception.

Young kids at St Christopher’s Primary will each experience a £531 in funding, whilst secondary school pupils at Accrington Academy will each be £796 worse off. Whether it’s primary or secondary education, both pupils and teachers in Hyndburn are going to suffer.’