Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Grant funding being sought for new disabled children play area

Did you know there are no disabled play areas in Britain? OK, not quite true, there is an old one in London.

Hyndburn Council are leading on a project looking at building a disabled play area. This will be funded by grant bids and I am delighted to be backing them and the application for funding.

The funding will be sought through the Green Spaces Forum (28 local groups now affiliated) which I helped initiate some 10 years ago. I wrote about it last month. It has brought £5.2m into the area and transformed Hyndburns Green Spaces.

It becomes more apparent, the more you consider standard play areas that they don't lend themselves to children with disabilities. Having a child with a disability at home can be hard enough but the planning and preparation when visiting anywhere is just an extra task facing parents.

After a lot of thought the Council have decided that there is an opportunity aside of the Sports Centre to build Britains first modern play area for children with disabilities.

There is a report about play and children with disability which was released in 2016 by Lord Blunkett – which makes the case for a new play area.