Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Hyndburn Business Awards

​Hi Everyone!

The day has finally dawned and you can now nominate for Hyndburn Business Awards 2017.

As you can see there are three options when nominating:
  1. Stonehouse Logic Award: you can nominate your own or any other Hyndburn business for this Award. You can nominate as many businesses as you like. We get in touch with each business nominated and send them an entry form. On that entry form they choose which other categories they want to enter.
  2. Customer Friendly Business Award: you can only nominate other Hyndburn businesses for this category, in recognition of their superior customer service. If a business is nominated for this category they are automatically nominated for the Stonehouse Logic Award. They get a slightly modified entry form (with sections about their customer service).
  3. Pride of Hyndburn Award: this is a very special award for the people, clubs, associations, networks and societies that work so hard (and often as volunteers) to make Hyndburn a better place to live, work and visit. They don’t have a formal legal structure (not limited companies, partnerships, community interest companies or charities) but they are often extremely enterprising. This category has its own special entry form. 

Nominations can be made until April 18th. We will announce any nomination on our Twitter (@HyndburnAwards) and Facebook Page (@hyndburnbusinessawards). It would really help us spread the word if you could ‘favourite and retweet’ and ‘like and share’ as many of them as you can.

We will also be starting to update the news section of www.hyndburnbusinessawards.co.ukregularly over the next few weeks, to keep everyone up to date with progress.

The first post shows you the flyer we are circulating around Hyndburn at the moment. 

Rob Carder
Enterprising People